23 February 2018
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Whether you want to promote your band's gig, an exhibition, a sporting event, attraction, day out, theatre play, fete or even car boot sale, you can do it on Newzimbabwe.com in 3 easy steps.

Just follow the three steps below to submit your event, and once it's been placed on the site we'll send you a confirmation email with a link to the event that you can use in your emails and literature to promote it further.

Event Title
Step One
For the first step, please supply the required information about the event you want to publicise on Newzimbabwe.com.
Please DO NOT put any money sign (e.g £ or $). Just the figure.
Photo URL  
Step Two
Now please supply information about the venue that is hosting your event
Website URL  

Opening Times  
Permanent Event
Pick a date    Ends Pick a date
Click to Add More Venue
Your name
Step Three
Now please supply your contact information. The details you provide will not be displayed with the event, therefore if you wish to add your name/address/phone number, please do so in the event description on Step One
Email address
Before you click on the submit button below, please double-check the event details you have provided above, especially dates, times, addresses and phone numbers.

We're sorry to be so strict. There's nothing worse for us than to sift through thousands of events to check spelling, grammar, and capitalisation. Please help us out by ensuring that your event is grammatically correct, free of spelling mistakes and typing errors.

Any events that are difficult to read or understand for these reasons will be deleted, for our visitor's benefit.

Once you're happy, click on the submit button below:

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