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‘Back to sender’ prophet claims 20 victims per month: Exposing the murderous back-to-sender-message

11/11/2017 00:00:00
by Learnmore Zuze

The prophet claims a 100 percent success rate in killing and states that about 20 ‘wicked’ people die each month as a result of his prayer rituals.

HARARE has been hit by an all-too popular message of ‘returning to sender.’ Back to sender is the term used when one wishes to return evil spiritual attacks or sorcery to its source. So, popular is this message that prophets, native doctors and necromancers are stampeding radio stations in self-advertisement.

Followers of Zimbabwean Star FM radio station can bear testimony of how the radio station has been jammed by self-advertising prophets and spiritualists even those who claim to be Bible-believing prophets and foreign witchdoctors from Malawi, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Not to be outdone, musicians have even composed songs to laud the gospel of returning evil with evil which, ironically, stands in stark contrast to Biblical teaching. One really wonders whether these prophets read from the Bible we know.

Going back to the beginning of the new age prophet movement in Zimbabwe, Emmanuel Makandiwa of UFIC began preaching this message as far back as 2012 with his Judgment Night Concept where perceived enemies of his church are ‘judged.’

Trending currently is a Harare-based prophet known for ‘back to sender’ spells who has risen rapidly through his alleged prowess to bring destruction upon those who would have wronged his clients. Bishop Oliver Magaso of Spiritual Shield Apostolic Church based in Hatcliffe has a lot of people falling over each other seeking his services where he allegedly helps them return fire with fire. He states that the juju goes back to its owner where it torments him until he dies. Several testimonies of his antics have been spread on different platforms.

The prophet further claims a 100 percent success rate and notes that about 20 ‘wicked’ people die each month as a result of his prayer rituals. A red cloth is at the heart of the prayer as he says red symbolizes war and therefore fights the offensive spirits. He confidently asserts that over 2000 people have died as a result of his ‘sending back’ their evil spells to them. The man alleges that he is consulted by clients from across the spectrum: politicians, footballers, singers, pastors and ordinary people.


Now, this development is extremely sad for those who truly comprehend the virtues of true Christianity. It is even sadder that some very well-meaning Christians have been tricked into believing this antichrist message. Popular Zimbabwean Gospel artistes have churned out songs with the back to sender title.

It seems people have been made to believe that God is a very vindictive and evil God requiring men to fight for him. That God is some psychopath who has a small heart as to get even with his subjects. What is tragic is that the majority fall for it with a knack for revenging and it subtly sounds right through twisting some bible passages.

The ‘back to sender’ concept premised on harming those who do wrong is as satanic as they come. It is a message at variance; quite at a tangent with what Jesus Christ the Founder of Christianity taught. This is a plain mutilation of the Bible.

It is quite unfortunate that the truth has few takers.At times one wonders what kind of God these prophets serve when they stand on the front row teaching a message as poisonous and murderous as the ‘back to sender’ message whose objective is to inflict harm on people.

On the contrary, what Jesus taught insofar as those who wrong us is concerned is the direct opposite of the back to sender message:

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”- Matt 5:44

Further evidence against the back to sender message is found in many other Bible passages where Christ taught that even when your enemy is hungry give him food. This is true Christianity which the world hates.

“Therefore, if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirst, give him drink…”- Rom 12:20

Now, if the Biblical position is so clear on this matter who came up with the idea of returning fire with fire. Obviously, it cannot be from the Bible. It is not from Christ. This means that this message comes from a source other than God. Human beings are thrilled at the prospect of returning harm to enemies and will frown at what is plainly given in the Bible.

I know it riles many people who live off this kind of message and won’t take kindly to an article like this one but we have a duty to the truth. It must be stated in block letter that the back to sender gospel is antichrist and anti-bible. It is, in essence, a glorified form of witchcraft and Christians must be advised accordingly.

E-mail: lastawa77@gmail.com

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