16 December 2017
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Nothing wrong with ED's cabinet, Gen Sibusiso Moyo and Shiri learned, says Charamba

03/12/2017 00:00:00
by Staff reporter
Masters in development studies? ... Perrance Shiri

PRESIDENTIAL spokesperson George Charamba has defended the appointment of Perrance Shiri and Major General Sibusiso B. Moyo as cabinet ministers, claiming they were qualified and educated enough for the positions.

Shiri and Moyo were appointed foreign affairs and lands ministers last week by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Their appointment was received with shock.

Shiri was the commander of the Fifth Brigade during the 1980’s Gukurahundi genocide which claimed 20 000 lives in Matabeleland and the Midlands while Moyo announced the coup modus operandi on national TV two week ago.

Shiri was at Mount St Mary's High School in Dendenyore in Wedza before the war while Moyo was educated in Matebeleland South.

But, according to Charamba, President Mnangagwa selected his Cabinet based “on performance”.

“Air Marshal Perrance Shiri has been driving Command Agriculture. It’s not like he is coming from the barracks into the cornfields. He had long left the barracks for the cornfield. His appointment is consistent with the phrase ‘hitting the ground running,” Charamba told the state media.

According to the Sunday Mail, Shiri holds a Master of Science degree in Development Studies. He also helped steer the Specialised Maize Production and Import Substitution Programme or Command Agriculture as chair of its technical committee and has been one of Zimbabwe’s top farmers for years running, the report claimed.

Gen Moyo, the report said, holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Zimbabwe and is “regarded as one of the best minds in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and is highly experienced in global diplomacy”.

Said Charamba: “You are going to see a lot of cracking of whip. This inertia that we had developed in Government is going to be broken. We have a propensity to read the politics of faces rather than the execution of value which some faces do have.

“It tells that we are moving in a direction where we are ‘projectivising’ development. You will hear less and less of ministries and more and more of cross-ministry collaboration around flagship projects.

“Our budget and performance as ministries will seize to be democratic. We will be bureaucratic for the purposes of deployment and salaries, but operationally, all ministries are expected to converge for projects. So, the development theory we are following henceforth will be projectivised. You will see ministries constellating around star projects.”


According to Charamba, the report said, President Mnangagwa had taken into account his appointees’ high-performance records before deploying them to respective portfolios.

He said, “For the purposes of viability of the nation State, you must strike a very healthy balance between politics and the trade. For example, the new nomenclature for what used to be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now Foreign Affairs and International trade.

“This restores that balance between the political and the economic. Ultimately, nations do act in pursuit of their economic interests because at the heart of good politics is economics. You will also note that the incumbent minister for that ministry has a proven record from his previous office.”

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