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04/12/2017 00:00:00
by Court Reporter

A HARARE court was recently left in shock after a ten-year-old girl wept for her father as he was jailed for raping her.

The minor had narrated a sexual relationship with her father, leaving the court in shock.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the girl’s identity, was slapped with twenty years imprisonment for rape.

Testifying, the victim wept and insisted to the court that she was in love with her father.

“I love him. He proposed and I agreed before we discussed how we would sleep with each other. I loved it when we had sex and I enjoyed it,” said the girl, speaking in camera.

During the trial court, heard that her own mother turned her Domboshawa home into a brothel, hiring men for young girls and exposed the child to sexual abuse for a long time.

The family resides in Domboshawa where the victim’s father operated a college. His daughter is a grade four student at the institution.

The father, who denied the allegations, was convicted of rape but the state did not pursue other charges including incest and sex with a minor on him.

Magistrate Noel Mupeiwa said if that had been considered, the rapist would have faced over 50 years imprisonment.

Prosecutor Timothy Makoni proved that the relationship with the girl had gone beyond that of the father and daughter.

The affair ended recently after the man’s wife caught her husband raping their daughter and reported him to the police.

“What we have before this court is a taboo, not only prohibited by religion or the society, but also prohibited legally,” said Makoni in aggravation.

“It is aggravatory that a father would propose to his own blood and goes on to ask if she enjoyed after every sexual encounter and then ask if they could repeat the act,” he added.

Magistrate Mupeiwa said the fact that it was a consensual relationship falls away considering that the victim is a minor.

“Carry your cross,” he told the father.

“Now you are talking about God in mitigation, giving reference to some bible verses but I will leave the process of God to himself and I will deliver my sentence as a man of flesh.

“There are indications that you used protection yet you have other two sexual partners. You regarded your daughter as a wife exposing her to sexually-related diseases that could be in your love triangle. That, on its own, is aggravating.”


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